Antihemofilic Factor (Human)


Antihemofilic Factor (Human)

250 I.U. - 500 I.U. - 1000 I.U.. Lyophilized powder for injection.

Therapeutical action: 

Antihemofilic Factor (Human).

How supplied: 

Package containing a single dose vial with 1000 I.U., 500 I.U. and 250 I.U. and a suitable volume of sterile water for injection with 10 ml for 1000 I.U., and 5 ml for 500 I.U. and 250 I.U..


Hemophilia A.

Dosage and administration:

The dose is individual and must consider the weight of the patient, severity of bleeding and desired Factor VIII level. The reconstituted product must be administered intravenously by either direct syringe injection or drip infusion. Doses calculation: I.U. required = Body weight (Kg) x desired Factor VIII increase (%) x 0.4 I.U./Kg. For more information about dosage and administration, read leaflet.


KOATE®- DVI should be stored under refrigeration (2°C - 8°C). Storage of lyophilized powder at room temperature (up to 25°C) for 6 months. When reconstituted must be administered in the following 3 hours. Avoid freezing.

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