Single vial with Cisplatin 10 mg / 20 ml and 50 mg / 100 ml. Package containing 1 vial.

Therapeutic action:

Antineoplastic agent.


Single vial with 10 mg / 20 ml.
Single vial with 50 mg / 100 ml.


Cisplatin is indicated in the treatment of Advanced Testicular Cancer and Advanced Ovarian Cancer associated with other approved chemotherapeutic agents. Cisplatin, as monotherapy, is indicated as second line in refractory Metastatic Ovarian Cancer, refractory Transitional Cell Bladder Cancer as monotherapy.

Dosage and administration:

Cisplatin should be administered intravenously in perfusion during a period of 6 to 8 hours, at doses that vary from en 20 a 120 mg/m2 alone or associated with other antineoplastic agents. Prehidratation is recommended with 1 – 2 liters of fluid during 8 - 12 hours. The drug should be diluted in dextrose solution 5% or saline solution 0,45%. Is necessary adequate hydration during the following 24 hours.


Storage at room temperature

(15°C – 30°C) and protect from the light.

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