Tetrabenazine 25 mg. Tablets.

Therapeutical classification:
Antidyskinetic agent.

How supplied:

Packages containing 112  tablets.


Tetrabenazine is indicated in the treatment of Abnormal Hyperkinetics movements as neuroleptic agents induced tardive dyskinesia, tics, Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome, hemibalism and chorea (Huntington disease, vascular chorea, etc.). Tetrabenazine is not indicated in the treatment of levodopa induced dyskinesias, in Parkinson´s disease.

Dose and administration:

The starting dose of Tetrabenazine must be low, and weekly titration is required for the identification of the properly dose. That dose for chronic use must reduce the chorea and dyskinesia and be well tolerated. Daily doses of more than

100 mg are not recommended. The dose must be adapted if the patient is a poor, an intermediate or an extensive metabolizer according the expression or not of the CYP2DD6. Knowing the complexity of the definition of the suitable and tolerable dose, please consult the whole prospect.


Store at room temperature in it closed package.

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