Dextromethorphan + Quinidine


Dextromethorphan bromhdrate 20 mg / Quinidine sulfate 10 mg. Capsules.

Therapeutical classification:

Dextrometorphan combinations.

How supplied:

GORFETAN® (Dextrometorphan Bromhidrate 20 mg / Quinidin Sulphate

10 mg). Packages containing 60 capsules.


Treatment of pseudobulbar affect (PBA). PBA occurs secondary to a variety of otherwise unrelated neurologic conditions, and is characterized by involuntary, sudden, and frequent episodes of laughing and/or crying. PBA episodes typically occur out of proportion or incongruent to the underlying emotional state.

Dose and administration:

The recommended starting dose of GORFETAN® is one capsule daily by mouth for the initial seven days of therapy. On the eighth day of therapy and thereafter, the daily dose should be a total of two capsules a day, given as one capsule every 12 hours. The need for continued treatment should be reassessed periodically, as spontaneous improvement of PBA occurs in some patients.


Store at temperatures less than 25°C.

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